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Photovoltaic panels are the future of green energy

The sun blasts our planet’s surface with more than enough energy to keep us going forever. The challenge has always been collecting that energy. It seems the technology has caught up in terms of costs and efficiency.  Efficiency is, at the moment, the biggest hurdle to better solar power. At this moment, more than 80% of all solar panels have an energy efficiency of less than 15 percent. Most of these solar panels are stationary, which means they miss out on direct sunlight. A majority of the sunlight that hits the panels is wasted. Better design, better chemistry and the use of sunlight-absorbing nanoparticles could drive efficiency.

Solar energy source

It is an important source of renewable energy, the large magnitude of solar energy available makes it a highly appealing source of electricity.

Solar Panels

Reinvenio Group has one of the best Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contractor services

Environment friendly energy

We are glad to help the environment through our solutions. Using solar energy, we bring a renewable and infinite source of energy into everyone's lives.

solar panels

Solar power made easy

Our solar power systems include solar panels, inverter and full installation – the complete package you need to start putting the sun to work.
We have paired the right panel with the right inverter to create top-range, technologically-advanced systems designed to suit every energy need and budget.


Solar power systems

Solar power systems will reduce or even eliminate your office building’s electric bill. For every businesses owner, this money savings can have a tremendous impact. Having a solar power system installed is just a fraction of what you are currently paying for electricity, but it’s a win for the future of your company and for the envyronment.


More energy for your business

Reinvenio provides holistic solutions

Rather than just selling and installing solar panels, we are committed to make your entire home or business more energy efficient.
This approach will save you money and lower your carbon emissions at the same time.
The switch to LED (Light-emitting diodes) lighting in your home, business or operation is an integral part of your strategy towards lower power bills.
The reasons for our love of LED’s are manifold – did you know, for example, that conventional lights use anything up to 90% more power than LED’s while having a much shorter lifetime?
LED’s can last up to 70,000 hours (literally a lifetime!) whereas fluorescent lights last around 10,000 hours and incandescent bulbs only about 1,200 hours.

Commercial LED Lighting

Reliable and efficient, LED’s are today used in a diverse range of lighting applications, including industrial, architectural, commercial, residential, aviation, advertising and general lighting as well as for automotive headlamps.

Roads & Civil Lighting

When you are working on projects that are miles away from the electricity grid, reliable and energy-efficient lighting can be a problem. That is why Reinvenio offers a range of safe, tried and tested solar-powered LED lighting products for mining, roads, and civil construction projects.

Why choose LED

LED lighting is up to 90% more efficient than traditional lighting. LED’s can last up to 50 times longer than traditional light bulbs, meaning fewer bulb changes – saving you maintenance costs. LED lights are more robust and durable than traditional lighting. LED’s can be dimmed.

city led light

Indoor – Outdoor lighting

Indoor and outdoor LED bulbs provide an advantage over conventional lighting, and can free up significant time and resources for facility managers and their teams by requiring less maintenance and material.

Led Lighting

Choosing LED benefits

LED’s are less impacted by frequent on-and-off switching.
LED lighting emits less heat than traditional lights, so you require less air conditioning.

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